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Save Time and Money with Estimating Software

Loss Prevention

Construction estimates are high stakes. If you forget to include something, whether it’s the cost of the build site or a specific material, you may have to absorb that cost, eating into already-thin profit margins. Sigma improves accuracy by tracking expenses, labor, back orders, stored and installed materials, and more in one easy-to-use interface. Also, Sigma increase accuracy and prevent losses from occurring in the first place.

Precise Estimates

Accurate estimates don’t only save costs, they’re also essential for building trust with your clients. One formula error or overlooked expense can lead to an unreliable estimate, which reflects poorly on your business. Sigma estimating software integrates built-in formulas and templates with data from your previous builds to reduce errors. Pinpoint your build’s closest true cost and deliver precise estimates.

Time Savings

The time you spend double-checking excel formulas, fixing misplaced decimals, and digging up files from past projects could be spent sending out more estimates, or on other valuable tasks. Sigma’s familiar and intuitive interface was built specifically for construction. It is designed to make the entire estimation process more friendly and efficient. Fuel business growth with a speedy estimation process.

Courses Included

Sigma Estimates Compendium

The Compendium is a supplementary course to any of the training courses provided by Modena. This is your go to place to learn the "behind-the-scene" software setup and use.

Getting Started with Sigma Estimates

This is a fundamentals course to Sigma Estimates to get you going in your estimation journey. Here you will learn enough to have you first estimation out accurately.

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